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To Our Friends,

Over the past decade there has been an inspiring shift to reduce our global carbon footprint and promote sustainability. This shift has changed the way we think and live. We still have a long way to go as a community, but we are making great progress.

The Food We Choose

Ebars is a 100% Certified Organic, Certified Gluten Free, Verified Non-GMO, Certified Paleo, Certified Vegan and Certified Kosher company. That means the highest standards for how our product's are grown, manufactured and distributed. All our ingredients are grown without any synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. This prevents the poisoning of our water supply, soil and atmosphere.

The Packaging We Use

Conventional packaging does not work with our product. There is no whole food bar that uses the same material we do to protect our product. The process in sourcing this material took us nearly a year and hundreds of hours in research and development. We needed to protect the integrity of the bar's fresh ingredients.

In order to protect our product against premature spoiling we use a package that is proprietary and currently not recyclable. However, it can be substantially compressed, thus reducing its impact on the environment. Our commitment is to push for changes in the way this packaging is made, so that we can be even more sustainable. If you feel you know a solution, please contact us. We welcome your input.


We are committed to doing our part as a company to reduce our carbon footprint and inspire others to live a lifestyle of sustainability. Our core value is anchored in the belief that every person has a right to be treated with honor and dignity. One way this is achieved is by taking care of our earth and thus protecting it for the generations to come.

Your Ebars Team