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eBars core value is anchored in the belief that every person
has a right to be treated with dignity.

We believe that the power to dignify can come through food, if
it is planted wisely, nourished and then harvested for the enjoyment of the world's population.

Our contribution to the world is made through
what we prepare people to EAT.

E...A...T... is an acronym for that rare and triune synergy found
when we skillfully blend Earth, Art and Technology.


We carefully begin every recipe with the purest ingredients earth has to offer:
Certified 100% USDA Organic, Certified Gluten-Free, Certified Kosher and
Verified Non GMO super foods.


We artfully thrill the palate handcrafting organic ingredients based on the
unique taste and texture preferences of men and women.


We strategically harness nature's most efficacious power superfoods, creating a
competitive edge for both high-performance athletes and purpose-driven individuals.

"You are a masterpiece... and life can be too."

Dave and Jan Dalton