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 Unparalled Food Purity

There are over 1100 nutritional/energy bars in the U.S. Market. Out of this massive group, eBars stands atop as the highest certifed bar manufacturer in the U.S. Market. eBars also offers a 3 point guarantee that to our knowledge is also un-surpassed by any competitor. 

 Our Guarantee to you

​​If you are not satisfied with our product for any reason we will give you a full refund, including any shipping costs.

If you find any competitor bars with a higher food purity certification than ours, we will refund you in full, including any shipping cost.

If your experience with one of our bars is not what you expect we will give you a full refund, including your shipping cost.     For example, our TRIM bar nutritionally supports blocking hunger.   Our FOCUS bar nutritionally supports a feeling of both calm, and focus.   Our RUN bar nutritionally supports increased stamina.   Our FIT bar provides an energy boost for working out.   The GOLF bar is another matter.

A special word to golfers. We would like to, but, we cannot guarantee eating our GOLF bar will lower you score. But, we can confidently say this, we do believe consumption of our bar 1 hour prior to teeing off, and then again at the turn, will give you a better chance of playing better golf. It does not guarantee it, but it's worth noting! Consider the last 4 Major winners in 2015, you know who they are, all chose the GOLF bar as their sport nutrition of choice. They consider it part of their equipment, consuming anywhere from 2 - 4 bars per round depending on the golfer, and more if there is a playoff.​

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