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What Makes A Golf Energy Bar Healthy?

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What makes a golf energy bar healthy? The answer depends on the ingredients, of course. However, it also depends on the fitness goals and nutritional needs of the athletes who consume these bars.

The fact that energy bars are convenient is a godsend for many golfers who are looking for an energy boost between holes. Whether or not the bars are healthy is another question. Many golfers grab an energy bar they way they fetch a candy bar, without giving any thought to nutritional values or fitness benefits.

Skyrocketing nutrition bar sales – nearly 1.7 billion dollars in the past decade alone – mean there are hundreds or thousands of brands to choose from. As long as they are an occasional snack, athletes can consider a golf energy bar healthy for their nutrition and fitness goals. Too many golfers eat poor-quality bars, however, and this can actually sabotage their efforts.

Sport-Specific Organic Living Fuel

A Tennessee-based company called eBars has engineered a golf energy bar healthy for every golfer's nutritional needs. The complexities and challenges of golf produce a number of sport-specific nutrition and fitness needs. Not all golf performance bars can meet these needs, no matter what they promise on the package.

Golf is a physical and mental game that requires strength, energy, concentration and flexibility. A golf energy bar healthy enough for the nutritional challenges must contain the right ingredients. The energy bars from eBars contain pure ingredients from all-natural, organic foods like nuts, seeds, fruits, berries and herbs formulated for sport-specific needs.

Moreover, all eBars products are 100 percent "Certified Organic

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