The TRIM bar our Tasty, Inbetween Meal Replcaement has three major formulations: Nutritional Density, Hunger Blocking and Good Feelings.

Nutritional Density

Many other products are fortified with man-made nutrients so dense our body cannot absorb them. So don't be fooled by the nutritional panel. Experts agree the most important information on any label are the ingredients. Ingredient by ingredient, TRIM has more nutritionally dense whole organic foods than anything available today.

Hunger Blocking

Controlling your hunger begins with understanding how it works. TheTRIM bar, through whole food ingredients, supports the stimulation of leptin the hunger block hormone ghrelin. People struggle with weight loss because they medicate with food or they like the high of a satisfied tummy. Beat that struggle with TRIM and it's nutritionally dense and dynamic formulation. 

Emotional Support

How you feel is determined by what you eat. Feeling better doesn't guarantee a better day, but it gives you a better chance at a better day. Why not stack the odds in your favor! TRIM supports this through the nootropic mushroom, Shitake which supports the stimulation of serotonin or dopamine, the feel good emotions!

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Mother nature's defense for a stronger immunity